How a strategy helps your business thrive.

The strategy clarifies what is most important to communicate, what attributes should be highlighted, how it should be communicated, to whom it should be communicated, the target audience’s needs, desires, pain points, etc., etc. A strategy is as important as having a road map (or a GPS) when you are lost. This will help you create marketing materials that target your true prospects effectively and let them know why your product or service will be of great value to them.


The brand strategy demystified.

A brand strategy is a document that asks several critical questions. Each needs to be answered carefully, based on facts about your product's benefits and the needs in the market. It’s also important to develop your answers objectively.


Developing a strategy takes time and should be thoughtfully executed. Take one question at a time and think it through. Be thorough. Research the category. Write down your thoughts. And come back to it in a few days to gain perspective, and new insights. If you are not a marketing professional and are stumped, I advise you to hire one — even if it's for just a few hours to get you on track.


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Good luck. Should you want professional help, feel free to contact me. I have helped many businesses develop a sound strategy and memorable, effective marketing.


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The brand strategy

every business needs.


Every company wants to have great marketing. However…


when you look around, you realize that most companies’ attempts fall very short. If you don’t want your marketing to suffer that fate, you need to understand these basic branding principles…


To brand your business successfully, it's vital that you first develop a brand strategy.

The strategy provides the direction for every piece of communication — whether it’s print, digital or broadcast. This is critical in developing a persuasive message that convinces your true prospects that your product or service is worth purchasing.


Your two options.

If you are going to hire marketing professionals to develop a strategy for your business, you need to make sure they are they capable of creating a sound one. The only way you can evaluate this is to have knowledge about it yourself. If you can’t afford to hire an agency, you have an even greater need for this knowledge because you will have to develop a strategy.


In either case, understanding what a brand strategy consists of will help you create more effective communications. Even if you are taking advantage of free or low-cost media vehicles such as social media, emails, postcards and brochures, if your message isn’t strategically on target, you are wasting opportunities crucial to your success.  I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to have a strategy in place before you write even one word.


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